How is ETHICSWEB organized?

The aim of ETHICSWEB is the progressive core realization of an infrastructure to develop an advanced systematic documentation, information and communication tool in the field of ethical issues in science, research, and technology. ETHICSWEB strives for documentation of different sources which include information on ethics and science like e.g. literature. But ETHICSWEB is not restricted to literature or other document like information objects (DLIO) as it also will provide further information on ethics and science in regard to laws and regulations, training materials and training programmes, academic exchange programmes, centres, experts, and projects as well as events and news. The goal is to connect already existing activities in the fields of ethics and science and thus make it more easily accessible to the user. By providing information which previously has been scattered we hope to provide a sustainable contribution to the European Research Area.
The goal of the project is a sustainable contribution to the European Research Area by bundling already existing resources into one European reference focal point. By doing so, ETHICSWEB can serve as an inter-connected European information and documentation system for ethics and science, or in short: European Ethics Documentation Centre.

In order to realize this goal ETHICSWEB is organized in seven different Work Packages caring for different aspects of ETHICSWEB.
All work packages are led by highly experienced institutions in the respective field. Work package one is coordinates the project and manages the collaboration between the other work packages. Work packages two, three, and four come to be the centre piece of the project, since all three work package are concerned with the central feature of ETHICSWEB, the merging of different databases by one overarching search functionality designed to provide easy access to up-to-date information about science and ethics. Complementary work packages five, six, and seven are concerned with flanking measures necessary in order to make ETHICSWEB a comprehensive and sustainable creation. While the centre piece comprises the creation of a powerful search tool and the integration of different databases the flanking measures can be described as Capacity Building and Networking.