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This section primarily provides annotated links to websites directly providing legal resources on the web concerned with legislation and regulations. But also offers which link to such services are gathered if appropiate. All sites listed offer their (basic) services free of charge.

Special regard is given to the field of science and ethics where possible, and sites explicitly concerned with such issues are listed in the section Legal resources regarding the field of science and ethics . Despite the fact that the field of science and ethics comprises very heterogenous topics, life sciences are dominating the legal field. Accordingly sites listed here are predominantly concerned with bioethics, including medical ethics as well as issues of environmental ethics.

Resources especially concerned with research ethics are collected in the section European research ethics.

In general the links provided are selected by the scope of application of the legislation presented. Legal websites concerned with European Community law are listed in the section Legislation, laws, and guidelines of the European Union.

In the sections European legislation by country (A-L) and European legislation by country (M-Z) websites are gathered that are predominantly concerned with European national legislations. For the sake of visibility countries are listed alphabetically by country. Offers vary from country to country. The number of links does in no way represent the full range of existing offerings nor the establishment of such services in the respective country.

Websites that do not restrict themselve to a single country, but which cover more countries are listed in the section Legislation, laws, and guidelines with worldwide scope. If you cannot find a link to information on a specific country you may find information on the respective country in this section.

Websites concerned with international law are listed in the section International Law.

Please keep in mind that most of the laws published in electronic form do not serve as official documents, but only the version published in the official journal (and most of the times not in its eletronic form) are laws in force. This applies even more to translations if provided.
Principally ETHICSWEB can in no way guarantee for the accurateness of the websites linked and the correctness of the laws made available by these sites. ETHICSWEB is not liable for the views expressed on the sites linked.

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All lists of annotated links presented on this portal are not intended to be exhaustive. ETHICSWEB acknowledged that the internet is not a static place and linked websites can change, migrate, age, or vanish. ETHICSWEB tries to maintain the links up to date but if you notice dead links, or if you think there are important websites missing please do not hesitate to contact us.