Annotated links to resources on training materials and programmes

This section presents websites that offer access to educational resources in the field of science and ethics. The websites gathered in this section adress academics as well as non-academic target groups alike.

The subject heading “Training Materials and Programmes” emphasises the heterogeneous character of the resources offered by the databases listed which may comprise study courses, syllabi and materials employed in such courses. Therefore the section is splitted into a chapter on training materials, which denotes materials used in courses and training programmes, and one chapter on training courses, which offers access to information on teaching programmes, study courses and exchange programmes concerned with ethics and science.

Some websites presented in this section directly provide materials developed for education of specific target groups in the field of science and ethics. Please take notice of the fact that ETHICSWEB does only provide access to sites providing learning resources. Please check for terms and conditions of the respective provider for usage or employment of the materials provided.