Annotated links to resources on research projects

In this section offers providing access to information on research projects in the field of science and ethics are listed.

Information on research projects is hard to find outside the databases of the respective project funding organisations. Databases containing information about research projests that are not affiliated with project funders are hardly existent. Consequently websites collected here include European as well as United States clinical trials registers in order to provide as much information about ethical relevant research information as possible although only linking to the sponsor is provided .

Most of those organisations that are funding research of ethical aspects of science operate within a national scope and are not restricted in funding to the complex of science and ethics. ETHICSWEB has compiled a list of European institutions that provide information on research projects, although in the majority of cases, projects funded are not explicitly concerned with ethical issues in science and therefore most databases do not focus on such projects exclusively. One big exception is the Bioethical Information System (BEKIS), which has a European scope, though the focus is on Germany.

CORDIS the gateway of the European Comission regarding research policy and funding also provides information on projects funded by the EC in the field of science and ethics

Please note that ethics research projects are often conducted by experts employed at ethics centres.