Links to international organisations

In this section links to international governmental organisations are gathered. Furthermore links to relevant suborganisations and subsaries which by policy form the international framework for science and ethics. Not regarded here are international non-governmental (or non-profit) organisations. The scope of science and ethics is not restricted to international legislation promoted by the organisations listed, but it is also promoted by international professional organisations which are not listed as of yet. As the field of science and ethics comprises very heterogenous issues only the most important issues and organisations can be highlighted here.

An important topic in regard to science and ethics is the ethics of research. For more resources you may consult the section European research ethics which provides access to the website »European Research Ethics (ERE), the premier link to research ethics resources«.

International organisations listed in this section comprise the United Nations, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the Council of Europe, the European Union, and their respective suborganisations.

Besides direct links to essential international organisations the section Links to further international organisations provides links to further sources of links to international organisations.