EC ethics project portals

In this section ETHICSWEB provides the opportunity to search for selective information on the different project websites.

ETHICSWEB strives to be the common European access point in regard to information on science and ethics with focus on European activities. The European Commission plays a vital role as a research funder in the European Research Area. In the recent framework programmes the European Commission has funded various projects concerned with ethical aspects of the sciences and their application in society. You can more detailed information directly at CORDIS. ETHICSWEB acknowledges the great variety of valuable information gathered within these projects and strives to incorporate these helpful resources into this comprehensive information portal.

Therefore ETHICSWEB has developed a prototypical project-database for EC funded ethics projects which is open for further additions in the future. In a first step only four recently finished projects concerned with ethical issues have been included into a cross searchable prototype, namely EULABOR, EURETHNET, PRIVILEGED, and PRIVIREAL. These projects are only a small and random selection from a great variety of EC funded projects. ETHICSWEB is open to all projects funded by the European Commission and concerned with ethics and science. Coordinators of EC funded projects therefore are welcomed to contact ETHICSWEB in order to include their project website into this database, or just to learn more about the possibilities provided by ETHICSWEB.

The projects-database is cross-searchable by three dimensions: by project, by country concerned, and by subject dealt with. It is possible to search for information exclusively within a specific project site as well as searching for specific information across several projects. Furthermore the information can be selected by the country of concern. By including more and more projects the amount of information available about specific subjects or countries will rise. The aim of ETHICSWEB is not only the improvement of the accessibility to information, but also the reliable documentation of European project activities in the field of science and ethics.

If you are interested in including your project into ETHICSWEB please contact us.

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